Damage Waiver

We all know accidents can happen onsite and equipment can and does get damaged from time to time. A broken window on a digger or a puncture call out on a dumper can all be costly extras you haven’t budgeted for. That is why we have decided to introduce a Damage Waiver product to help protect hirers from potentially large repair bills.

You will still be responsible for protecting the equipment against theft and we would highly recommend you obtain hired in plant insurance but our Damage Waiver scheme will mean you won’t be liable for any repair cost up to £1000.

The cost of this protection is just 10% of the hire cost of the equipment. It will protect you from parts, labour and loss of hire costs that would normally be charged to you the hirer as a result of damaging our equipment.

How it works....

If you are a credit account holder you can request to have our Damage Waiver protection added to any equipment you hire by emailing us at [email protected]. We will then apply the waiver to all your hires giving you protection and peace of mind that you are covered against unexpected damage charges.

If you are a non account holder you must request Damage Waiver at the time of booking or collecting equipment. Unlike many hire companies we are not making the waiver compulsory so it is up to you to accept it or reject the offer of it at the beginning of the hire.

Limitations, Exclusions and Conditions

Our Damage Waiver is not an insurance product. You are highly recommended to seek hired in plant insurance to provide you with more thorough cover.

You will remain responsible for any damage repair over the value of the included £1000 cover.

You must notify Dorset Hire Services Ltd within 48 hours of any accidental damage to hired equipment.

You can apply to have our Damage Waiver product added to your credit account at any time. However only hires after adding the product to your account will be covered.

This Damage Waiver covers accidental damage to hired equipment only and will not cover malicious damage or damage that has occurred due to neglect.

For more details on our Damage Waiver product please contact your local branch.