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1 Day £80
2 Day £160
3 Day £240
Week £240
Weekend £160
Booking a Saturday or Sunday will charge for the whole weekend

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If you’re restricted for space and need a small digger then our 1 Ton Micro Excavators are the tool for the job. Being just 750mm (2ft 6″) in width means they are able to pass through a standard 800mm doorway. The roll over protection bar also folds down to make the machine only 1500mm (5ft) tall making it possible to pass under low obstacles as well.

Equipped with expanding tracks means that once you’ve passed through a narrow spot you can extend the tracks to make the machine wider and therefore more stable.

With easy to use controls and plenty of digging power to dig down to a depth of 1.6M this little Micro Excavator is a very versatile tool. Ideal for general garden maintenance or digging footings.

Being powered by a small yet powerful diesel engine means these machines use very little fuel and not excessively noisey.

If you would like any more information or to book a Micro Digger for hire please contact us 01747 850040.

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